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JUL 15

Don´t be fooled

What are stem cells? What differences exist between a clinically approved treatments and experimental therapies? What to do before considering stem cells therapy. These are just some of the issues answered on the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Production webpage entitled: Don´t be fooled.

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Nobel Laureates 2012

What scientific contributions of Nobel Laureates during the course of a century became one of the best mechanisms to identify crucial scientific breakthroughs in the world?...

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OCT 19


An "iPSC Platform" is presented in Argentina...

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OCT 18

PLACEMA presentation

Using techniques developed by recent Nobel Laureates in Medicine a non-profit organization made up by The Leloir Institute and FLENI will be offering cell reprogramming services for research groups, health centers and the pharmaceutical industry...

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OCT 18

PLACEMA is presented in Argentina

Techniques developed by Nobel Laureates in Medicine 2012 will be employed in the iPSC Platform (PLACEMA) launched in Argentina...

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OCT 17

The coming revolution

Cell reprogramming generates stem cells from a small fragment of skin tissues. The method and research possibilities. The PLACEMA Project and the obstacles...

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OCT 13

Stem cells: "Will cause a medical revolution"

Fernando Pitossi, CONICET researcher at the Leloir Institute and Foundation as well as Executive Director for the Human iPSC Platform (PLACEMA) explains: "the possibility to establish a biotechnology platform to generate cells from iPSCs is a golden opportunity"...

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OCT 12

CONICET Cycle of Interviews: Dr. Fernando Pitossi

Fernando Pitossi explains the importance of stem cell research and its impact on basic and applied science and for the development of novel therapies...

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Ministries of Health and Science take steps towards developing regenerative therapies

The Ministry of Health has acknowledged today the contribution of stem cell therapies to research made by the scientists John Gurdon y Shinya Yamanaka, winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine. While the Ministry for Science and Technology (MINCyT) reported it will invest 8 million pesos in an iPSC platform...

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